PS has been knocking the socks, shoes, pants and halter-tops off mid-west club goers for years with no real end in sight. With the emphasis on performance, PS has raised the bar for all other acts by setting attendance records at nearly all of their venues. The seamless show of non-stop entertainment is no accident. PS has been known to say "first we must entertain ourselves, we came out tonight to try and have more fun than the audience" This seems to be a never-ending battle with both sides victorious. This multimedia show with pfreaky and hilarious video clips, is woven in to a rambunctious cocktail shaker of Top 40, Pop, Rock, Dance, Hip Hop, and everything else under the sun up to, and including the proverbial kitchen sink! 




      Photo Credits: Mike Paniccia/Nick Bliss/Four Winds Photography/Eric Szajko